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My bf is here and all I want him to do it eat my pussy and fuck me, hard. Like real hard. Doggy style (fav position) I mean we had sex the other day after almost a week of not seeing each other. But it was for only about 7mins and he came. I knew he was real horny and I was about to be there but he had to pull out. Normally we fuck for hours and I was scheming on the dick man. Before he came over I took a shower and got all ready for the d and I'm sitting here like you gon hit it now or nahhh???



yall using the pullout technique?  smh that doesnt work get on birth control or use condoms lol

your boyfriend is a selfish ass nigga, he needs to please his girl, if you nut quick then eat the box for 45 mins do something cmon bruh

How he not using the lick it before he stick it method?


if u ever purposefully hurt an animal in front of me i will punch u so fuckin fast ill break the fuckin sound barrier dont fuckin test me watch ur back pal

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im thankful for 

  • my face
  • the weed that goes in my face
  • my lungs for fuckin wit me
  • my brain for processing and distributing the weed amongst itself
  • my hands for gettin the weed to my face
  • fire 
  • money

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show up to your funeral like


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why isn’t there a dollar bill eyes emoji?

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